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Tools and materials for work ability management

We have created its own Toolbox to help you and your workplace to be more successful in your work ability management. Our Toolbox provides different types of tools and materials specifically aimed at work ability management


Identify the work ability risks of your personnel and manage them with a proactive approach

The work ability of the personnel is a critical factor for the success of any company. Elo’s Work ability risk indicator is a tool to help identify work ability risks of personnel in your company and, using the tailored reports, to implement targeted measures in a proactive and effective manner. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete the survey for the indicator.

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Manage work performance

A successful work performance does not occur on its own, but rather, is generated through the active leadership of the supervisor and participation of the employees, particularly in change situations. Things don’t always go as planned and when that occurs, the supervisor is responsible for considering the possible reasons. Is, for example, additional orientation necessary? Successful performance management also supports work ability.

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Take action

It’s a good idea to deal with problems when they are still minor. The work ability and well-being of employees are supported by actively identifying, addressing and solving problems. Early support is a part of exemplary supervisory work and daily management practices.

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Tue osatyökykyistä

Supporting an employee with a partial work ability

Despite good performance and work ability management, anyone’s work ability can still weaken temporarily or permanently. By properly supporting an employee’s return to work following a sick leave, you can prevent prolonged work ability problems and an increase in disability risks. Measures that support work ability also generate direct savings for the company.

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