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Monitor the situation

Identify your personnels' work ability risks

A healthy and satisfied personnel is your company’s most important resource and a vital aspect of success. Once you have identified any work ability risks concerning your personnel and development needs in terms of your company’s operational methods, you will be able to optimise the required measures. Surveying your company’s work ability risks takes only about 10 minutes.

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Identify risks early on

Elo’s work ability risk indicator provides you with a detailed report on your company’s current work ability risks and a related list of development suggestions. You can use these to implement targeted measures to proactively develop those areas that are most in need. It’s a great way to prevent, in advance, any possible challenges to work ability.


Enhance work ability and productivity

The results of successful work ability management are directly reflected in your company’s productivity. Motivated and able personnel are committed to their work and employer. The costs of absences due to illness and disability pensions are kept in check.


Improve work ability management

For the purpose of creating the work ability risk indicator, Elo drew on the data on work ability challenges and successful solutions experienced by multiple companies over a period of several years. Take advantage of our tips as part of the development work carried out by your company.